Life in Jackson Hole

Concert on the front porch

I was sitting on my porch playing guitar this evening for an audience of one. It was perhaps the most peculiar experience I have ever had with an animal. I was strumming a few chords, then when I began to sing, the ground squirrel popped up from the grass and jumped up onto my neighbor’s porch. He jumped onto the first stair, looked at me, then jumped to the porch and stood up. He was fat, and he was attentive- perhaps the most captivated audience I will ever have.

It is fairly rare that I will laugh when I am alone. I often smile at things I find amusing, but laughing is often something I do with other people. I have read a few books that make me laugh, and watched a few movies that make me laugh, but rarely do I laugh without others around to laugh with. This ground squirrel made me laugh as if I was with a group of my best friends and someone had just cracked a joke that makes you cry you are laughing so hard.

After playing a few songs for the squirrel, I went inside to grab my camera. I was quick, and he hadn’t left yet. I played a short piece of Victory by the band Trampled by TurtlesAs soon as I started singing, the ground squirrel froze, hardly blinking an eye. I stopped to adjust the camera, and as soon as I stopped, my friend ran away and dove into a hole.

Lesson learned. Do not stop playing music- you will lose your audience.


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