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Waves from Washington

National Parks are closed.

Thankfully, because I am a resident within Grand Teton National Park, I still have a home; however, I am not allowed to recreate within the Park boundaries. Paths out my back door are closed until further notice.

Here is an email description from Nick Delmolino, part of the TSS Communications Team:

Dear Teton Science Schools Community,

Teton Science Schools would like to update our community on the impact the government shutdown is having on our operations at this time.

Due to the location of the Kelly Campus in Grand Teton National Park it is being closed to all short-term programming. These constraints are being applied nationwide in national parks. Arrangements are being made for Field Education programs based at the Kelly Campus over the next two weeks to move to the Jackson Campus. The Graduate Program is still operational at the Kelly Campus due to the long-term nature of the program and the fact that students live at the Kelly Campus. All Field Education programs will continue to operate on TSS lands and other partner lands. Wildlife Expeditions has had to cancel expeditions and will be looking into offering condensed programming on partner lands.

We would like to thank staff and faculty in all areas of TSS for their flexibility and adaptability in continuing to provide exceptional experiences to all of our participants during this time. Any other significant updates will be shared with this community.

If you have further questions please contact your program leader.


TSS Communications Team


2 thoughts on “Waves from Washington

  1. There is a double meaning to that lovely word “recreate”..think about it….I’ve always said that until every voter is willing to dump their congressperson or Senator to send a message, we will be stuck with this lunacy. Yet they continue to hold office and be paid! Are the bears laid off as well?

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